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Amelia's Place
Bed and Breakfast

Dallas, Texas

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Need to Stay in Dallas, Texas?
Want to be treated nicely?
Better than Home?……

Then come to Amelia’s Place: A Bed and Breakfast Establishment deep in the heart of Downtown Dallas………..

Where Amelia treats her guests like valued family members and gives them a Breakfast that is so Good and so Big that they can Skip Lunch!

There is Amelia in the picture above, on a sunny summer day standing on the sidewalk in front of Amelia's Place, looking up and down Gaston Avenue. She is expecting guests! She loves being a Bed & Breakfast host. She has been a Bed & Breakfast since April 1993. Amelia leases a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment at the Agora Apartments built in 1958. Agora means "the gathering place.

Amelia's Place offers one bedroom with a private bath. You can see three of the posts on a four-poster queen-sized bed. The bed is very comfortable.

To the left you can see a large window facing Gaston Avenue. The neighborhood is an old one and is very quiet.

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The cost is $90.00 a night total. You will not pay any additional charges: NO taxes, NO parking fees, NO additional charges for Wi-Fi/DSL, NO cost for a generous Happy Hour, or for anything else. Have a really good stay at Amelia’s Place where you get what you are promised. Welcome!

There are books, games, magazines, etc. everywhere at Amelia’s Place.  Relax and enjoy!

Amelia, a feminist from Louisiana and said to be the best cook in three parishes, serves a breakfast so Good and so Big (a specialty is buttermilk biscuits) that you can skip lunch and free Happy Hour in her apartment. You may arrange to take potluck supper with Amelia for a few bucks if you like.

She encourages you to put food or drink in her refrigerator, use her laundry facilities, ask for directions, play her piano, and so on.

Amelia's living area has her piano, an upright grand, which you are welcome to play. Amelia really likes to read, too. You are welcome to use her library which is varied and eclectic.

You won’t need to bring a hair dryer, clock, toothpaste, bath powder, Q-tips, dental floss, soap.

Amelia welcomes people of any color, unmarried couples, same-sex couples, smokers.  Amelia’s place is not suitable for children, pets, snobs, bigots, nor fanatics.  Amelia especially enjoys people who possess the attributes of intelligence, integrity, and compassion, so, please, leave your prejudices at home.

Amelia is famous not only for her wonderful breakfast but for her genuine Southern Hospitality. Amelia's Place is a delightful place to stay.

Amelia's Place
Bed & Breakfast

5425 Gaston Avenue # 112
Dallas, TX  75214
Phone: 214-827-3779
Email: ameliacorej@sbcglobal.net
Home Page: www.ameliasplace.com
Innkeeper: Amelia Core Jenkins

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